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CrankIR 40m & 80m Kits

To make ordering a CrankIR Antenna system easier than ever we are now offering the CrankIR 40m & 80m Ready Kits.

Each kit is pre-configured with all the items necessary for easy setup and operation of the antenna.  If you do not already have a suitable stand/tripod you can add either our 6ft or 9ft-6in tripod to your order.

Find out more on the CrankIR order page or email us with your questions.


SteppIR Antennas SARK-110 Analyzer

SteppIR Antennas has recently been granted an exclusive agreement to offer the SARK-110 Analyzer. Through this agreement we are able to sell this amazing pocket-sized device within North America only – no overseas requests will be honored.

If you would like to place a pre-order for our first shipment (due January 2015) please contact our sales department at 425-453-1910 x100. Online ordering will be made available after the first of the year.


SteppIR Antenna’s CrankIR Goes Global! Update 11/20

QSL - Raivavae Front v1 QSL - Raivavae Back v4

Robert, N7QT and Grant, KZ1W take two CrankIR Antennas across the line into the South Pacific for a successful operation from Raivave Island, French Polynesia. Robert and Grant “Cranked It” as TX5D October 2-14 2013 racking up more than 18,000 QSOs and introducing the world to the CrankIR Antenna.

If you missed this opportunity to hear a CrankIR on the air you can hear Rob again from Saba as PJ6/N7QT November 8 – 16.

Mike (K7IR) & Adam (K7EDX) join the fun as FS/K7IR & FS/K7EDX for a bit of “Holiday-style” operations.


EHU Repair Options Update

In our efforts to maintain the highest reliability of our Element Housing Units we have come to the decision to discontinue our EHU Exchange Program. The primary purpose of the program had been to allow customers who had suffered a failed EHU an opportunity to upgrade to the latest model unit. This worked well for both SteppIR and, more importantly, our customers. As time passed the availability of suitable parts has diminished and the number of new parts used in producing a “refurbished” EHU has increased dramatically.

With the close of the exchange program we will offer our remaining refurbished units for sale, but there will not be a “Core Credit” available. These units will be sold on a first-come first-served basis and once the inventory is depleted we will stop taking orders for refurbished EHUs. New EHUs will continue to be readily available.

If you would like to have your existing EHU repaired our technicians are available to provide the best service available. Our shop rate is $75/hr, parts and shipping not included.

We thank you for your continued support of SteppIR Antenna Systems.


Lead Times Are Now 1-2 Weeks

Now is a great time to get your new SteppIR Antenna on order as our lead times are currently 1-2 weeks before shipping.


New Radial Systems for Elevated and Ground Mounted Vertical Antennas Paper Available

We have updated our Radial Systems for Elevated and Ground Mounted Vertical Antennas paper and recommend anyone using a SteppIR vertical take a minute to read through it. You might be surprised at just what it takes to make a vertical antenna perform better than you thought possible.


On new orders, be sure to inventory parts as soon as you receive the antenna

At SteppIR Antennas, we strive to send you exactly what you need for building an antenna.

The mistakes on orders have been drastically reduced in the last year, and we continue to work towards perfection.

Because the parts we provide are not always going to be readily available at your local hardware store, we highly recommend that you take an inventory of the contents of your shipment as soon as possible upon receiving your SteppIR antenna.

Knowing if there is a missing part well in advance of your install date will alleviate a lot of stress that you don’t need – it’s hard enough putting antennas up, we don’t want you to have added frustration.

If you do see that you are short of a part, contact us right away and we will get it taken care of!


SteppIR Antennas


Got a cool picture of a SteppIR?

Got a cool picture of a SteppIR  antenna?

Email it to and we would be pleased to place it on our “SteppIR’s Around the World” rotating picture carousel, located on the upper right page of all SteppIR website pages.

Be sure to put in the subject line of the email: WEBSITE PHOTO