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Free Shipping / IDXC 2017

Greetings DXer! SteppIR Antennas has enjoyed supporting DXers, including supplying antennas to DXpeditions, prizes for DX conventions, and making that All Time New One possible. If we’ve learned something over the years, it is that owners LOVE talking about their antennas!

This year, we’d like to give more people something to talk about: If you order a SteppIR Beam antenna by March 24, 2017, we’ll hand your beam to you at the Visalia DX Convention April 21-23.

Is it a special occasion? Contact us if you’d like to delight your significant other with an antenna at the show. We’ll do our part to maintain the surprise, and help you capture the moment. Give us a call at 425-453-1910 to work out the details.

See you in Visalia!


Yagi Antennas


Download a PDF Specification sheet for all our antennas


UrbanBeam 2 Element Yagi

2 Element 20M-6M Yagi

3 Element 20M-6M Yagi

4 Element 20M-6M Yagi

DB11 Sketch

DB11 20m-6m Yagi

DB18 Yagi 40m-6m


DB18E Yagi 40m-6m

DB36 40m-6m Yagi

DB42 MonstIR PRO Yagi 40m-6m



Vertical Antennas

BigIR and SmallIR Vertical and CrankIR Portable Antennas