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Phone:    Monday through Friday
Main :                425-453-1910        9:30am to 4:30pm Pacific Standard Time
Fax  :                425-462-4415        Any time
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Fluidmotion Inc.
SteppIR Antennas
2112 – 116th Ave NE
Suite 1-5
Bellevue, WA 98004


Meet the SteppIR Team


 Mike Mertel K7IR – President/CEO/ Founder

Mike Mertel K7IR

Mike Mertel is one of the three founders of SteppIR, it was his crazy idea to build this contraption in the first place! Mike’s first career was in the bar-code scanning industry, having founded Microscan Systems Incorporated with the invention of the smallest bar-code scanning device in the world at that time.  Microscan Systems was started from the basement of his home, ultimately reaching 125 employees before he sold it in 1995.  After two years of “retirement”, Mike developed the concept for the SteppIR antenna products and never looked back at the “easy chair” life.   Mike enjoys ham radio first and foremost, with the occasional round of golf, traveling with his wife Marla and of course, designing new SteppIR products!


 Jim Thomas K7IRF – Vice President / Founder

Jim Thomas K7IRF

Jim Thomas is one of the three founders of SteppIR Antennas. Prior to SteppIR, Jim worked at Microscan Systems, where he was that company’s Chief Engineer.  At SteppIR, Jim has had an impact in many areas of the company, but his primary function is to turn the product ideas into reality.  Jim and Mike work hand-in-hand in engineering as a fine-tuned team.  Jim also has an uncanny ability to successfully troubleshoot just about anything, a valuable tool when working in the highly unpredictable field of antenna design.  When Jim is not working at SteppIR, he likes to play with his sand-rail vehicle and is sporadically working on restoring his 1967 Mustang, which he has had since high school!


Adam Blackmer K7EDX – Operations Manager

Adam Blackmer K7EDX

Adam Blackmer is the Operations Manager for SteppIR.  He is the glue that holds everything together in manufacturing operations.  Adam’s 23 years of construction management experience and business ownership leadership skills serves him well in his quest to create a highly efficient manufacturing environment at SteppIR.  Since deciding to join us in August of 2011, major improvments have taken place in shipping, purchasing, inventory management and all facets of our manufacturing process.  When he is not at work (which is rare), Adam enjoys ham radio contesting, ATV’s and spending time with his family.


Jim Streible K4DLI – Technical Support Specialist

Jim Streible K4DLI

Jim Streible is the Technical Support Guru at SteppIR.  Jim did not seek us out, we found out about him while having a couple of beers with his “buddies” while at Hamvention.  Jim is an active ham radio operator and he is 3 countries away from being able to say he ”worked em all”.  He was happily enjoying retirement from a long career in the electronics industry when we wooed him back into action.  Jim has installed many different SteppIR products and has a 4E with 40/30 loop himself, so he has a working knowledge of our products that you can only acquire through the experience of installing and using them.  He also is extremely patient and has an innate ability to troubleshoot.


Bart Hasz – Inside Sales

Bart Hasz

Bart Hasz K7HAZ is the “voice” of SteppIR, as our inside sales representative.  Bart came to SteppIR in 2010 after 20 years in the photographic industry.  He answers all the incoming phone calls and emails, and works with customers on choosing the right product for their situation, and expedites any issues that come up.