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CrankIR Series Antenna

NEW CrankIR Videos! – click the links below to view

CrankIR Setup Video

CrankIR Setup & Take-down Video

Thanks to Don Butler, N5LZ for creating the videos and allowing us to show them here!


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Introducing the CrankIR Vertical! A lightweight, high performance, extremely portable vertical antenna rated at 1500 watts key-down with fully manual operation (no electrical power or controller required); Patented folded design allows for 40% reduction in size with only a 0.3dB reduction in performance compared to a full length vertical


February 19, 2013:  Bob Fuller W7KWS (pictured) and Brian Moran KH6/N9ADG (taking the picture) on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, in a CrankIR to SteppIR Factory (Bellevue, WA) QSO with Mike K7IR, John WA7IR and Adam K7EDX.

First ever CrankIR to SteppIR HQ QSO


February 14, 2013: Brian Moran N9ADG working CT9/OM3RW on 40m with the CrankIR Vertical at SteppIR HQ, Bellevue WA.  Look for Brian operating as KH6/N9ADG with the CrankIR this week from Kauai, Hawaii!

N9ADG using CrankIR to work CT9

February 12, 2013 – Mike Mertel  K7IR showing the latest evolution of the CrankIR Vertical at the Western Washington DX Club Meeting.

Mike K7IR Showing the latest version of CrankIR


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April 17, 2013 UPDATE: We plan on starting to take orders for the CrankIR at Hamvention in May 17-19 2013.  Estimated ship date of the first orders is not yet determined but looks to be 8-10 weeks from order date as we begin the manufacturing process.  We believe that lead times will rapidly diminish once production is in motion.

(International Patent Pending)