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Expanded Troubleshooting Guides


We have created a set of troubleshooting guides for several of our products. These topic-specific guides are designed to help the end-user diagnose, and in some cases repair, some of the most-common issues asked of our tech-support department over the years.

If you are experiencing a technical-difficulty or possible failure with one of our products please review the appropriate trouble-shooting guide for suggestions.

We continue to offer the same exceptional phone-in support but have assembled these guides to assist with easier to resolve issues.

Our guide consists of the following topic-specific selections:

For customers that have the need to repair EHUs in the field, we provide the following information. This information is provided as-is, with the understanding that choosing to undertake disassembly and repair at this level is without support of any kind.  If you aren’t confident in your ability to troubleshoot and repair, please send your EHUs to us for repair.