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June 15, 2012

On new orders, be sure to inventory parts as soon as you receive the antenna

At SteppIR Antennas, we strive to send you exactly what you need for building an antenna.

The mistakes on orders have been drastically reduced in the last year, and we continue to work towards perfection.

Because the parts we provide are not always going to be readily available at your local hardware store, we highly recommend that you take an inventory of the contents of your shipment as soon as possible upon receiving your SteppIR antenna.

Knowing if there is a missing part well in advance of your install date will alleviate a lot of stress that you don’t need – it’s hard enough putting antennas up, we don’t want you to have added frustration.

If you do see that you are short of a part, contact us right away and we will get it taken care of!


SteppIR Antennas

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