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CUSTOMER SERVICE AND FACTORY ORDER DESK: SteppIR is a small company, but we want to provide you with the best in Customer Service.  For placing an order, checking order status, shipping or billing questions, or any problem at all with our company….the email address is: The customer Service and Factory Order Desk can be reached at: 1-425-453-1910.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT HOTLINE: If you need advice, clarification, additional information, or experience any problem whatsoever with our products, our Technical Support team can be reached via email at You can also call 1-425-453-1910 ext 475, but it can be the case that we’re working with other customers. Leaving a message with your phone number, callsign and email address helps us efficiently contact you. Before you call technical support, please read our troubleshooting tips on the website.

Click here for Troubleshooting Tips
Click here for Expanded Troubleshooting Tips

Our Technical Support Hotline accepts messages 24/7… please leave your name, callsign, and phone number and we’ll call you back as soon as we can. Please make sure that our phone personnel have your callsign and email address, so that we can efficiently contact you. We try to return all calls by the next business day whenever possible….most are returned the same day.  Our live support hours are Monday thru Friday: 12 pm to 7 pm Eastern 11 am to 6 pm Central 10 am to 5 pm Mountain 9 am to 4 pm Pacific.

RETURNING PRODUCTS FOR REPAIR In the event of a failure of a SteppIR product that cannot be remedied by technical support, there are several options that can be taken to facilitate repair.  Our goal is to provide fast and fair support to our customers, so you can focus on far more important things, like working RARE DX!   All of the options below are tailored to get you up and running again as soon as possible.

Warranty repair of an existing EHU (Item #04125) This option is for SteppIR owners that have an EHU within the 2 year warranty period that as been diagnosed to be not working.  Under this option, it is a simple process – the customer fills out our online return for repair form and sends the unit back.   SteppIR evaluates the unit to be certain that the failure is covered under warranty, repairs the EHU and sends it back to the customer.   In the event the failure is deemed as a non-warranty event, we will contact you before proceed with the repair.  For warranty repairs, the customer pays freight to get the product to SteppIR, we pay freight back to the customer.

Controller Swap (Item #04133; Exchange defective original controller for a basic SDA100 controller) Do you have a defective “original” controller?  Send in your controller as a “core”, and we will send you back the latest SDA100 controller for $349.00 (regularly $490.00).  Does not include any options for the controller, or a power supply (you will use the power supply from your original controller).  This is a good way to upgrade to the latest technology at a greatly reduced cost.


SteppIR Yahoo Group Forum:  A place for opinions / information about SteppIR products, contributed by other SteppIR Antenna users.  The SteppIR Yahoo Group is not a part of SteppIR, but it does have over 3000 SteppIR owners, ready to share just about everything you need to know about real life experiences with SteppIR products.  You will need to join the group to get to the major content of the site.  Click here for the SteppIR Yahoo Group.