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Tashjian Towers

SteppIR is a Tashjian Towers Dealer

This 86 foot tower can accommodate a DB36

It can be sometimes be confusing to determine which tower is appropriate for a particular SteppIR beam. Tashjian Towers makes a broad range of mobile and fixed towers with varying capabilities. Here’s a handy table to help you select a tower appropriate for your goals (click on the table for a larger version):

SteppIR Tashjian Compatibility Chart

The tower models referenced in this table can be found in the 2017 Tashjian Towers Catalog.

To construct this chart, we used the following Wind Load Areas for the antennas. Note that we’ve calculated them both for the ANSI/TIA-222-C and the newer (and more specific) ANSI/TIA-222-F&G. If you’re comparing our antennas to other antennas, please make sure you’re using the same calculation spec.

Here are some other considerations: If you have restrictive HOA rules or CC&Rs, a portable tower might be appropriate to take your operations to a friendly location. Another aspect to consider is tower permitting — different types of towers (monopoles, lattice, crank-up) may be permitted under different rules, and some towers (e.g. portable) may not require permitting at all as they are not ‘permanent.’  As always, it’s all subject to the rules and restrictions of your location.

SPECIAL PRICING on Tower/Antenna Combinations

As a Tashjian Tower dealer, SteppIR can provide special pricing on a tower/antenna combination.  This can result in significant savings. Please contact us for details. We work with Tashjian because Tashjian Towers values the Amateur Radio customer, and is responsive to their needs.