4 Element Yagi

The 4 element has set the standard for performance in HF antennas and with the addition of an optional 40/30M rotatable Dipole you will have unmatchable single antenna performance.  With a 32 foot boom and weighing in at reasonable 99 lb, this antenna is ideal for DXers that want to maximize performance on 20m-6m and still have a dipole on 40 and 30 meters.  The 4 element Yagi is configured for maximum gain and solid front-to-rear ratios.

4 EL Debut Hamvention 2003
4 Element Yagi debut at Hamvention 2003 – we used a scissor-lift for our tower!



Specification 4E 4E with 30/40m element
Boom Length 32 ft / 9.75 m 32 ft / 9.75 m
Boom 1.75 in – 2.50 in
4.45 cm – 6.35 cm
1.75 in – 2.50 in
4.45 cm – 6.35 cm
Longest Element 36 ft / 10.97 m 39 ft / 11.9 m
Turning Radius 24.1 ft / 7.35 m 24.1 ft / 7.35 m
Weight 99 lb / 45.0 kg 106 lb / 48.2 kg
Mast clamps
2.0 in / 4.45  cm 2.0 in / 4.45 cm
Wind Load 9.7 sq ft / 0.9 sq m 11.7 sq ft / 1.09 sq m
Wind rating 100 MPH (EIA-222-C) 100 MPH (EIA-222-C)
Adjustable elements 4 4
Power Rating 3 KW 3 KW
Feed points 1 1
Frequency coverage 13.8 – 54 MHz 6.8 – 54 MHz
Tuning Rate 1.3 ft per second 1.3 ft per second
Control Cable 16 wire 22 AWG shielded 16 wire 22 AWG shielded


Performance for Ham Bands 4E Gain DBi 4E Front to Rear, DB 30/40 Option gain, DBi 30/40 option Front to Rear, DB
40M n/a n/a 1.8 n/a
30M n/a n/a 2.1 n/a
20M 9.5 21    
17M 10 20    
15M 10.2 27    
12M 10.4 21    
10M 10.6 11    
6M – 4 elements 7.8 4    
6M – with optional passive
elements 50.0 – 53.400 MHz
13 30    


Product Features




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 4E Yagi  00204 4E Yagi 20m-6m:  4E Yagi antenna, 4 x 36 ft elements, 32 ft boom, 99 lb, 13.9Mhz – 54Mhz continuous frequency coverage; Includes basic SDA100 electronic controller
 SDA 100    SDA100 Controller: Standard for all antenna models; Basic controller includes: 180 degree mode, bi-directional mode, auto-retract, manual band change, manual adjustment of elements.   CLICK HERE   for the Electronic Controller Information page
Transceiver interface  01321  OPTIONAL Transceiver Interface for SDA100 controller:  Automatically adjusts each element of the antenna as the radio tunes.  Requires a transceiver interface cable.  CLICK HERE to see which interface cable you will require for your radio.
 Tuning Relay  01322  OPTIONAL Tuning Relay for SDA100 controller:  Lock-out relay connects via PTT cable to RF power source and prevents the amplfier from transmitting while the SteppIR antenna is being tuned.  Helps prevent potential mismatch issues that could damage the antenna.
 ALP Module  09130  OPTIONAL Advanced Lightning Protection (ALP) Module for SDA 100 electronic controller:  Each driver chip has a relay in front of it that protects against lightning, nearby lightning incident and dead shorts.  Module will only work if the antenna is not in the process of adjusting when the event occurs.
 Remote Driver Board  09132  OPTIONAL Remote Driver Board for SDA 100 electronic controller:  The remote driver board is mounted near the tower base.  16 conductor control cable is run from antenna to the remote driver board, and then CAT5e cable can be used to connect from remote driver board to hamshack, up to 2000 feet away.  Requires a power source.  Advanced lightning protection (ALP) module is included with this option.  Remote driver board comes with an aluminum mounting plate but does not come with an enclosure.
 40/30 loop  01411 OPTIONAL 40/30 Loop Element:  The 40/30 loop upgrade option (at purchase) replaces the driven element on the standard 20m-6m Yagi antenna with a loop dipole for 40m and 30m operation.  When the dipole is on these bands, the other elements retract so that there are no interaction issues.  The 40/30m dipole option adds only 7 lb to the weight, 2 sq ft to the wind load and 1.8 ft to the turning radius.  The loop element design makes the overall length for this element 39 feet, 40% shorter than the 70 ft length a full sized dipole would require, with only a 0.4dB drop in gain peformance!
 Truss Kit  01602 OPTIONAL Element Truss Kit:  Element trusses for loop element.  Because the loop elements droop lower than the non-loop elements, this option allows a more uniform appearance of all the elements. Does not improve wind or ice load limits. For appearance only.
 6m Passive  06004 OPTIONAL 6m Passive Element Kit: The standard antenna has 6m capability but the spacing is not optimal, so performance akin to a high gain dipole – 7.8 dBi gain but only 4dB front-to-rear.  Adding the 6m passive element kit gives you 6 nicely spaced elements with gain of 13.0 dBi and front-to-rear of 30dB.  Because this is a fixed element, the performance effect is only good from 50.000MHz to 50.400MHz.  A must for anyone using 6m or with a desire to experiment!
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03322 Control Cable: 16 wire 22 AWG shielded control cable, outdoor rated, NON-buriable.  Available in 1 foot increments.  Lengths over 200 feet require the 33v power supply or the remote driver board option (see SDA 100 controller page).
 25 pin dsub  03650 OPTIONAL DB25 dsub Field Splice: The db25 field splice is used to connect the control cable to the SDA 100 electronic controller. The field splice consists of 3 terminal headers that are mounted to a PCB board, which is in turn connected to a male DB25 connector.  The control cable is connected to the splice using the included wiring diagram.  Having the field splice allows for exact lengths of control cable, with lengths available to the nearest foot.  In addition, if the cable is being run into a conduit, it eliminates the need to cut off the connector.
 16 wire Voltage Suppressor  06116 OPTIONAL Voltage Suppressor: Line filter (16 conductor) for filtering ESD and other unwanted voltages from the Control cable. Made by Array Solutions.  A better option would be the 09130 Advanced Lightning Protection (ALP) module, which internally protects the SDA 100 controller by relaying out the driver chips in case of a lightning strike, near incident event or a dead short.
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 01502 OPTIONAL Connector Junction Box: Replaces the standard cylindrical plastic housing; The standard antenna comes with a cylindrical plastic housing (affectionately referred to by many as the “pipe bomb”, due to its looks) with plastic caps on each end.  The control cable wires are connected to terminal strips, which are then placed into the plastic housing.  The connector junction box is a hinged enclosure that has female terminal headers mounted inside.  The control cable and EHU cables are then connected to a male terminal plug, creating a pluggable/unpluggable connection for the antenna wiring.  The connector junction box also includes a 25 pin female dsub mounted inside, for testing the antenna at the point of installation.  Highly recommended!
 33v power supply  01101 33v Power Supply Upgrade: For control cable lengths over 200 feet;  This can be an upgrade on new purchases and a standalone purchase for existing antennas.  For cable runs over 300 feet we recommend the Remote Driver Board (see controller information page).  The remote driver board allows you to run cat5e cable up to 2000 feet away from the tower base (power required at tower for this option)
40/30 loop



 00711 OPTIONAL 40/30 Dipole Retrofit: This option is available for antenna owners that already have purchased a 20m-6m Yagi but would like to replace the 20m driven element with the 40/30 loop.  The cost is more than it would be to upgrade at time of purchase because it is an entirely new element replacing the existing 20m driven.  Many people convert their left over 20m driven into a dipole or keep the EHU as a spare.

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