UrbanBeam 40m-6m Yagi Antenna.

SDA 100 Controller included



It doesn’t look like a traditional beam, but it sure works DX like a SteppIR!

The UrbanBeam is excellent for use in high density population areas or properties with small lot sizes, where a full-sized Yagi may not be an option.
The distinctive shape and small footprint (15.5 sq ft turning radius) of the UrbanBeam helps make neighbors and spouses happier, while still delivering the exceptional results you would expect of a SteppIR Yagi. The UrbanBeam is a high-performance, two element Yagi on 20m-6m and folded dipole on 40-30m. With features such as 180 degree direction change, bi-directional mode and full element retraction for stormy weather, You can enjoy all the features of a SteppIR Yagi while chasing low-sunspot-cycle DX or rag-chewing with your friends!


  • 40-6 m Yagi
  • 2 element beam 20-6
  • rotatable dipole 40/30
  • Turning Radius 15.5 ft
  • Longest Element 30.5 ft
  • Boom Length 48 inches
  • SDA 100 controller included

Additional information

Weight 66 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 13 x 61 in