The most potent single tower antenna systems ever seen in Amateur Radio

The SteppIR Team: Dedicated to Your Success

At SteppIR we aren’t just manufacturers of antenna systems – we are users as well! As you can see below with our core leadership team we have been in the ham industry for a long time and expect even better things in the future. But we aren’t alone: we are supported by a wonderful manufacturing team, finance, operations and HR team, and more. It’s a team effort to bring you the best and most innovative antennas around.


John MertelJohn Mertel - WA7IR
President / Founder

Following his sale of Fluidmotion Inc., a company founded by John in 1994, John then co-founded and helped build SteppIR into what it is today! As COO, John led our sales, operations, engineering, and manufacturing personnel for the first phase of our growth from 2001 – 2013.  After spending four years as President of intentional3D, he returned to acquire SteppIR from Mike Mertel, with a vision towards taking the company to the next level of development.  John is our fearless leader and is leading the charge to build the framework to lead SteppIR into the next decade and beyond.  After 20+ years of experience as an entrepreneur, John still gets excited when it comes to building companies - and helping to create outstanding teams!

Jim ThomasJim Thomas - K7IRF
Vice President / Founder

Jim is our Vice President and Product Engineer, helping lead the development of our next generation of products and services.  Additionally, Jim is a co-founder of SteppIR Antennas along with John Mertel and Mike Mertel.  Prior to SteppIR, Jim worked at Microscan Systems, where he was the company's Chief Engineer.  At SteppIR, Jim’s primary function is to turn the product ideas into reality. Jim also has an uncanny ability to successfully troubleshoot just about anything, a valuable tool when working in the highly unpredictable field of antenna design.  When Jim is not working at SteppIR, he likes to play with his sand-rail vehicle and is sporadically working on restoring his 1967 Mustang, which he has had since high school!

Bart HaszBart Hasz - K7HAZ
Business Manager

Bart is the "voice" of SteppIR, as our Business Manager.  Bart came to SteppIR in 2010 after 20 years in the photographic industry and has had a positive impact on the growth of SteppIR ever since.  Bart oversees the sales and technical support departments and personally works with customers on choosing the right product for their situation.  Bart is also our primary contact when it comes to technical support issues – his calm demeanor when coupled with an in-depth knowledge of how our product functions creates a winning situation for our customers with technical issues.  A first-degree black belt, Bart brings the same level of intensity and work-ethic to SteppIR that he exhibits when out on the mat!


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