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Manuals & Brochures


All Products Must Read – These are changes that may not have made the latest published instruction manual

Addendum Manual (ALL ANTENNAS) - UPDATED MAY 22 2012

2 element 20m Installation Manual REV 3.0 December 2012

3 Element 20M Installation Manual REV 3.0 December 2012

4 Element 20M Installation Manual REV 3.0 December 2012

Optional: 40/30M Dipole Manual

MonstIR  Yagi Installation Manual (discontinued product)


DreamBeam (DB) Series Antennas

DB11 Manual (Revision 3)

DB18 Assembly Manual Rev 10.2 02_25_2014

DB18E Assembly Manual Rev 10.2 02_25_2014

DB36 Assembly Manual REV 10.6a 10_01_2014

DB36 80M Dipole Option Manual

DB42 Assembly Manual REV 10.5 10_24_ 2013b

80m Dipole for DB42 assembly manual (Oct 2011)


Verticals and Dipoles

CrankIR Users Manual

SmallIR Users Manual

BigIR Mark IV Users Manual REV 4.3 (07/20/2012)

80M Coil Users Manual

Radial Systems for Vertical Antennas

20M Dipole Installation Manual


Controllers & Accessories

SDA100 Controller Operator’s Manual

Operators Manual, All Antenna (without the SDA100 controller)

DB25 Control Cable Splice Connector Instructions

Transceiver Interface User’s Manual

Original controller (non-SDA) Firmware replacement procedure

Connection Box Users Manual

Remote Driver Board Installation Instructions

Control cable surge suppressor Users Manual

High Wind Kit for 2 and 3 element antennas

Truss kit Option – All antennas - UPDATED May 22 2012



Product Brochure (All antennas)

General Catalog

Product Comparison (2 page)

Which Antenna is Right for You?

2013 US Pricing (Spring 2013)







6M passive element for the 2 element

6M passive element for the 3 element

6M passive element for the 4 element

Diverter Cone assembly procedure

Molded EHU housing wiring instructions

40/30 Loop installation addendum